2002 Victorians Institute Conference

The Military in Victorian England

Friday, October 4

2:30-4:00 Registration

Greater Issues Room, Mark Clark Hall, The Citadel

4:00 Bus Departs Mark Clark Hall for Hunley Tour

4:30-5:30 Tour of H. L. Hunley

6:00-7:00 Reception

Mark Clark Hall Terrace

7:00-8:00 Plenary Session

Greater Issues Room, Mark Clark Hall

Introduction: Frances Frame (The Citadel)

Kathleen McCormack (Florida International University) "George Eliot’s

English Travel"

Saturday, October 5

7:30-8:30 Breakfast Meeting, Victorians Institute Officers

Holiday Inn

8:00-8:45 Continental Breakfast

The Citadel

Session I: 8:45-10:25

Panel A: Military Policy and Administration

Chair: Terry Bowers (College of Charleston)

Sally Mitchell (Temple University). "A Question of Blood: Three Military


Ian Beckett (Quantico). "Reconcentration: The Origins and Consequences of a

Military Idea"

Jeffrey Meriwether (Roger Williams University). "War Secretaries and Their


Angus Ross (U. S. Navy War College). "Responding to the ‘Jeune Ecole’: The

Royal Navy’s Lack of Foresight in Addressing the Nature of the Mercantile Warfare Problem in the 1880s and 1890s"

Panel B: Health and Welfare of Servicemen

Chair: Katherine Grenier (The Citadel)

Marie Fitzwilliam (College of Charleston). "Shift from Dress to Service

Uniforms: The Influence of Colonial Warfare on the British Army"

Deborah Logan (Western Kentucky University). "Harriett Martineau’s Writings

on Health, Hygiene and Morality in the Military"

David Satran (University of Delaware). "Queen Victoria’s Chocolate Soldiers:

Victoria’s Chocolate Gift to Soldiers of the Boer War (1899-1902)"

William Thesing (University of South Carolina). "Captain Matthew

Webb’s Heroism and Folly: From Merchant Marine Service, across the English Channel, to Niagara Falls"

Break 10:25-10:45

Session II: 10:45-12:15

Panel A: Representations of the Military in Fiction Written by and for Children

Chair: Tim Carens (College of Charleston)

David Bradshaw (Warren Wilson College). "‘One with Ninevah and Tyre’:

Challenge to Imperial Military Control in Rudyard Kipling’s Puck Stories"

Dorothea Flothow (University of Tubingen). "Representations of War in British

Children’s Novels"

Joetta Harty (George Washington University). "Real Battles on Imaginary Fronts:

The Depiction of the Military in Victorian Juvenalia"

Panel B: Representations of War and Warriors in Victorian Poetry

Chair: Hayden Ward (West Virginia University)

Heather Akers (University of Georgia). "Henry Newbolt’s ‘The Non-Combatant’:

The Problematic Role of the War Poet"

Frances Frame (The Citadel). "Arnold’s Heroes: The Military Leader as Situated


Scott Dranfield (Southern Virginia University). "Manly Fortitude vs. Modern

Maladies: Chivalrous War and Crimean War Fever in Tennyson’s Maud"

Luncheon and Business Meeting

12:15-1:45 Regimental Commanders’ Riverview Room

Session III: 1:45-3:15

Panel A: Classical Interpretations/ Metaphors/ Influences

Chair: David Latane (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Patrick Scott (University of South Carolina). "The Victorian Translation of

Heroisms: Tennyson, Homer, and Anglo-Saxon Battle Poetry"

Stephanie Markovits (Yale University). "Two Mid-Victorian Versions of War:

Epipolie and Thermopylae Transposed"

Edward Adams (Washington and Lee). "Kinglake’s Invasion of the Crimea"

Panel B: Visual Representations of Soldiers


Robert Patten (Rice University). "Textualizing War"

Allen Bauman (University of Tulsa). "War Stories from Blackwood’s and The

Strand: England’s Soldiers, Recruitment, and the Victoria Cross"

Joseph Kestner (University of Tulsa). "The Colonized in the Colonies:

Representation of Celts in Victorian Battle Painting"

Panel C: Women’s Perspectives


Beverly Taylor (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill). "English Women and

Italian War: Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Theodosia Garrow Trollope"

Karen Odden (Riverside, CT). " ‘Carpet Knights’: Military Chivalry and

Domestic Charity in C. M. Yonge’s The Clever Woman of the Family"

Monica Smith (University of Georgia). "Changing Cultural Memory and the

Crimean War: Elizabeth Thompson’s Battle Paintings"

Plenary Session: 3:30-4:30

Introduction: Suzanne Ozment (University of South Carolina Aiken)

Featured Speaker: John Reed (Wayne State University)

"The Thinly Read Line: Victorian Literary Representations of the Military"