Victorians Institute Conference 2001

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


  I.  Victoria and Film
  David Cody (Hartwick College), Victorian Ancestry of Film Noir

  Melissa Schaub (Spring Hill College), "The Spectacle of Englishness:
  Shirley Temple Meets Victoria in The Little Princess"

  Carol Dole (Ursinus College), "Queen Victoria in Hollywood"

  II.  The Laureate and His Queen
  Robert L. Patten and Thad Logan (Rice University), "'Loyal to the
  Royal': Tennyson Refigures Victoria"

  Patrick Scott (University of South Carolina), "'Mother Wife and Queen':
  Rereading Tennyson's (Varying) Dedication to Victoria"

  James W. Hood (Guilford College), Tennyson, "Enoch Arden," and Queen

  III.  Rethinking the Victorian
  Christina Crosby (Wesleyan University), Ethics, Market Economy, the
  Victorians and the Modern University

  Andrew H. Miller (Indiana University), "On Watching Others Think"

  James Buzard (MIT), "Villette and the Invisible Export"

  IV.  Victorian Female Authority and Authorship
  Ivan Kreilkamp (Indiana University), "Pet-Naming Elizabeth Barrett
  Browning: The Female Poet and the Work of Authorship"

  Jennifer Ruth (Portland State University), "Embodied Intelligence:
  Charlotte Bronte's The Professor and the Problem of Intellectual Labor"

  Caroline Reitz (University of Cincinnati), "Writing (Back to) England:
  In and Around Gaskell's Wives and Daughters"

  3:45-4:00  Coffee Break

  Keynote Speakers

  Adrienne Munich (SUNY-Stony Brook), "The African Queen"

  Mary Poovey (New York University), "Finding Out About Victorian Finance"

  6:00-7:00  Reception

  Dinner (on your own)

  8:30  Films

  8:00-8:30  Continental breakfast

  V.  Victoria and Motherhood
  Thomas Strychacz (Mills College), "Royal Mothers and Revolutionaries:
  Henry James's The Princess Casamassima"

  Susan M. Griffin (University of Louisville), "Mariolatry, Imperial
  Motherhood, and Manhood"

  Carla Coleman Prichard (University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill),
  "Queen Victoria's Scottish Fantasy: Performing the Monarchy in Leaves
  from a Highland Journal"

  VI.  In and Out of Place: Dangerous Circulation and the Making of
  Victorian Identities
  Carolyn Lesjak (Swarthmore College), "Coming of Age in a World Economy:
  Capitalism, Commodity Fetishism, and Work in Great Expectations"

  John Plotz (Johns Hopkins University), "Portable Properties: Commodity
  Mobility in The Eustace Diamonds"

  Judith Stoddart (Michigan State University), "Counterfeit Value:
  Circulating Sentiment in Collins"

  Respondent:  Andrew H. Miller (Indiana University)

  VII.  Victorian Women and Power
  Elsie B. Michie (Louisiana State University), "A Singular Life Made
  Multiple: Lady Frances Waldegrave and Trollope"

  Jen Hill (University of Nevada, Reno), "Private Pain and Public Policy:
  Lady Jane Franklin, Queen Victoria, and the Performance of Widowhood"

  Ellen Sprechman (Florida International University), "The Emerging
  Feminist of the Late 19th Century: Shedding the Victorian Image"

  10:15-10:30  Coffee Break

  VIII.  Victorian Spectacle
  Bobbi Owen (University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill), Queen Victoria
  and Fashion

  Mary Loeffelholz (Northeastern University), "Victorian Regina Americana,

  Susan J. Navarette (Hartwick College), Jewelled Language in Victorian

  IX.  Shaping the Victorians
  Gail Turley Houston (University of New Mexico), "Banking on Victoria"

  Mary Ellis Gibson (University of North Carolina Greensboro), "The Perils
  of Reading: Juvenile Religious Magazines and the Making of Victorian
  Imperialist Subjectivity"

  Joetta Harty (George Washington University), "Princess 'Vittoria,' a
  Schoolyard Rebellion, and the Catholic Relief Act of 1829 in Bronte

  X.  Victorians and the Visual
  Beth Newman (Southern Methodist University), "The Uses of Obscurity:
  Jane Eyre's Disposition against Display"

  Carol Mavor (University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill), Victorian
  Backgrounds of J.M. Barrie's Photographs

  Sophia Andres (University of Texas of the Permian Basin), "Narrative and
  Pictorial Challenges to Victorian Gender Constructs"

  XI.  Contemporary Assessments of Victoria
  Deborah Logan (Western Kentucky University), "Harriet Martineau's
  Assessments of Queen Victoria"

  Anne Humpherys (Graduate Center, City University of New York), "G.W.M.
  Reynolds, Radical, and the Problem of the Queen"

  Muireann O'Cinneide (Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford), "'It Has Cost Me Much
  Trouble to Invent a Whole Queen': Aristocratic Women Writers and the
  Representation of the Monarchy"

  12:15-2:00  Luncheon, and business meeting of the Victorians Institute,
  Carolina Inn

  XII.  The Display of Empire
  Hyungji Park (Yonsei University, Korea), "Dandyism and the Fabric of

  Allan R. Life (University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill), "Discreet
  Despotism: Early Picture Postcards of the British Raj"

  Marie A. Fitzwilliam (College of Charleston), "The Greedy 40s: Early
  Victorian Gardens as Showcases of Imperial Conquest"

  XIII.  The Twilight of Empire
  Robert Fletcher (West Chester University), "'Soul-Drift': Mathilde Blind
  and the Passage to Egypt"

  Shannon R. Wooden (U of Pennsylvania--Shippensburg), "The Time Machine
  as Racial Allegory"

  Zarena Aslami (University of Chicago), "Formal Discontent: The State of
  George Gissing"

  XIV.  Victorian After-Life
  Laurie Langbauer (University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill), "The
  Victorians Taught Me How To Write"

  Rebecca Stern (Ball State University), "Victorian Fat: Power, Food, and
  the Majestic Female Body"

  Lorraine Janzen Kooistra (Nipissing University, Canada), "No Sex Please,
  We're Victorian: Invoking the Pre-Raphaelite Sexual Signifier in Popular

  3:45-4:00  Coffee Break

  Keynote Speakers
  Dianne Sachko Macleod (University of California, Davis), "Matronage and
  Matriarchy: Queen Victoria and the Lingua Materna of Art Collecting"

  Margaret Homans (Yale University), "My Victorian Afterlife"

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