1997 Meeting of The Victorians Institute

"The Victorian Classroom"

October 10-11, 1997
James Madison University

Friday, October 10, 1997

"Terror to the End," Claywood Sempliner's dramatic reading of a monologue spoken by Charles Dickens from his home at Gad's Hill the evening before his fatal stroke on June 9, 1870. A world premier! Script by Zim James.

Saturday, October 11, 1997

Session IA: Victorian Schoolboys

  1. Patrick Scott (South Carolina). "Alfred Tennyson's Schooldays, Gareth or Little by Little, and the Fictions of Victorian Schooling"
  2. Joanna Tapp (South Carolina). "A Level Playing Field: Cricket and the Victorian Schoolboy in Tom Brown's Schooldays, Maurice, and The Go-Between"
  3. Christine Roth (U of Florida). "'It's a He Thing': Rugby School and the Maleness of the 'English' Character"

Session IB: Experimental Classrooms

  1. Nancy Metz, Bob Brinlee, Peter Graham, Pamela Gurney, Paul Knox, Jennifer Mooney, Karen Swenson (Virginia Tech). "The Victorian Classroom Online: The Bleak House and London Experiment"
  2. David Bradshaw (Warren-Wilson) and Suzanne Ozment (The Citadel). "Work and Workers."

Session IIA: Education and Aesthetics

  1. Rebecca Easby (Trinity College). "Education for the Masses: The Art Gallery as Classroom"
  2. Christine Bolus-Reichart (Indiana). "Eclecticism, Collecting, and the Education of Taste: The Aesthetic Disciplines in Victorian Schooling"
  3. Mathhew Potolsky (California-Irvine). "Teaching Decadence: Pater as Dangerous Influence"

Session IIB: Teaching Undergraduates

  1. David Goslee (Tennessee). "Teaching Newman at a State University"
  2. Tricia Lootens (U of Georgia). "Georgia on Our Minds: Positioning and the Study of Victorian Prose"
  3. Christa Zorn (Indiana Southeast). "Teaching Literary Competency: An Intertextual Approach to Victorian Literature"
Session IIIA: Education and Social Class

  1. Daniel Denecke (Johns Hopkins). "Admininistering Literary Interest. F. D. Maurice and the Working Men's College"
  2. Alan Rauch (Georgia Tech). "Consuming Class: Popular Education and the Victorians"
  3. Claire Marie-Peterson (South Dakota). "Every Knowledge Has an End"

Session IIIB: Women and Education

  1. Pamela Corpon Parker (Valparaiso). "Conversations on Political Economy: Women Writers and Nineteenth-Century Economic Discourse"
  2. Jennifer Phegley (Ohio State). "Educating the Proper Woman Reader: The Cornhill Magazine, 1860-1865"
  3. Marylu Hill (Villanova). "'To Live Alone Among Women': Self, Community, and Education in Turn-of-the-Century Women's Narratives"

Session IIIC: Reframing the Victorians

  1. Paul Puccio (Central Florida). "Victorians, Then and Now: Reframing Victorian Literature in the Present Tense"
  2. Susan Farnsworth (Trinity College). "Experiments in Victorian Studies: An Interdisciplinary Course Plan for Undergraduates in a Liberal Arts Curriculum"
  3. Kristine Ottesan Garrigan (DePaul). "Contemporary Pedagogy: Using Victorian Art to Teach Victorian Literature"

Session IVA: Education and Empire

  1. Lillian Nayder (Bates). "Teaching the 'Saxon Virtues': Dickens and Empire in A Child's History of England
  2. Hyungji Park (Union College). "'Enlightened Patriots': Colonial Education and the Haileybury College"
  3. E. Elizabeth Howells (North Carolina-Greensboro). "Reading, Writing, and Empire Maintenance: On Tom Brown's Imperialist Education"

Session IVB: Children's Literature

  1. Andrea Kaston (Wisconsin-Madison). "Speaking Pictures: Christina Rossetti and Arthur Hughes"
  2. Anna Krugovy Silver (Emory). "The Didactic Fairytale: The Neutralizing Subversive Energies in Lucy Clifford and Mary de Morgan"
  3. Ed Wiltse (Tufts). "Peter Panic: Responses to 'Adult' Content in Sacred Victorian 'Children's Literature'"

Sally Mitchell, Temple University: "Learning to Teach: A Victorian Experience"