1994 Victorians Institute Meeting

30 September to 1 October, 1994
The University of Richmond

Friday, 30 September

Session A. Police and Criminology
Moderator: Andrew Harris, Stanford University

  1. "Types of Criminality: The Case of Major Arthur Griffiths," Christine Marlin, Oxford University.
  2. "Inspecting the Inspectors: Dickens and the Metropolitan Police," Mary Leonard, University of Texas at Austin.
  3. "Carceral Curiousity," John R. Reed, Wayne State University.
  4. "Victorian Detectives," Phillip Thurmond Smith, Saint Joseph's University.

Session B. Crime and the Class System
Moderator: Leslie Kyle Babcox, Lehigh University

  1. "Great Escapes: Ainsworth's Jack Shepherd and Early Nineteenth-Century Popular Culture," Christine Alfano, Stanford University.
  2. "'Wanderers and Settlers': Vagrancy and Middle-Class Culture in Mid-Victorian England," Laura Sagolla Croley, University of Pennsylvania.
  3. "Items of Morality: Superfluous Boys in Victorian Fiction," Rosemary Gould, University of Virginia.
  4. "Didactic Sensationalism and the Newgate Controversy: Oliver Twisr, Jack Sheppherd, and Courvoisier," Kenneth C. Thompson, George Mason University.

Dinner buffet and social hour at Maymont Park

"Gilbert and Sullivan on Crime," University of Richmond Music Department, directed by Homer Rudolph.

"The Tell-Tale Heart," dramatic reading and lecture by Clifton Raphael.

Saturday, October 1

Session C-1. Crime and Gender
Moderator: Nancy Childress, University of Virginia

  1. "The Thing He Loves: Murder as Aesthetic Experience in the 'Ballad of Reading Gaol'," Karen Alkalay-Gut, Tel Aviv University.
  2. "Painted Faces: Constructing the Victorian Murderess in Lady Audley's Secret," Nanette Thrush, Indiana University.
  3. "The Victorian Criminaliszation of Men," Martin J. Wiener, Rice University.
  4. "Forging Identities," Christine L. Krueger, Marquette University.

Session C-2. Arthur Conan Doyle
Moderator: David E. Latané, Jr., Virginia Commonwealth University

  1. "'Beaten by a Woman's Wit': Arthur Conan Doyle Rereads Poe's 'The Purloined Letter'," Lisa Jadwin, St. John Fisher's College.
  2. "Drawing Inferences: Sidney paget's Illustrations and their Role in Constructing Sherlock Holmes," Michael Cohen, Murray State University.
  3. "Sherlock Holmes and Middle-Class Values: Moral Ambivalence in Late Victorian Fiction," Susan M. Bernardo, Wagner College.
  4. "Crimes Against Women in Victorian Fairy Tales and Detective Fiction," Robin Sheets, University of Cincinatti.

Session D-1. Investigating Gender
Moderator: Carolyn Buckley-LaRocque, Trinity College

  1. "The Guilty Gaze in Elizabeth Gaskell's 'A Dark Night's Work'," Marie Fitzwilliam, College of Charleston.
  2. "The Invesitagion of Sensational Heroines," Pamela L. Moore, SUNY-Stony Brook.
  3. "Patriarchy and Subversion in Lady Audley's Secret, Hillabold, Susan, University of Alberta.
  4. "Crimes against Men: Muscular Men and the Power of Women in Wilkie Collins's Man and Wife," Karen V. Waters, Marymount University

Session D-2. Women as Detectives and Detective Fiction Writers
Moderator, Ellen Rosenman, University of Kentucky

  1. "Disciplinary measures: Grant Allen's New Woman and the New Woman Detective," Heidi Johnson, University of Iowa.
  2. "The Female Detective in Wilkie Collins," Ruth Feingold, University of Chicago.
  3. "Anna Katherine Green, Godmother of Detective Fiction," Marie T, Farr, East Carolina University.
  4. "What is Australian about Nineteenth-Century detective Fiction," George Watt, Australian national University.

Session E-1. Crime and Empire
Moderator: Pamela K. Gilbert, University of Wisconsin-Parkside

  1. "Crimes Against the Empire: Emancipation and Abortion in Collins's Armadale," Lillian Nayder, Bates College.
  2. "Hands Across the Water, Crimes Across the Sea: Gender, Empire, and Arthur Conan Doyle's America," Sheila Sullivan, St. Mary's College of Maryland.
  3. "Criminal Collaboration and Feminist Strategy in Bram Stoker's Dracula," Barri Gold, University of Chicago.
  4. "The Watson Factor: Detection, Affect, and Empire in the Sherlock Holmes Stories," Leslie Haynsworth, University of Virginia.

Session E-2. Crime and Popular Culture
Moderator: Bonnie Thames yarbrough, University of North Carolina-Greensboro

  1. "The Murderess and Her Public: Nineteenth-Century Murder and Execution Broadsides," Judith Knelman, University of Western Ontario.
  2. "Writing Stories about Murder: Criminality, Newspapers, and Storytelling," Frederick L. de Naples, University of Pennsylvania.
  3. "'The Burglary, Cut-Throat, and Gallows Class of Literature'--Production and Meaning," Susan S. Tennery, Purdue University.
  4. "Murder and Execution in the Newgate Novel: Thackeray's Catherine and the Morality of Literary Murder," Mark Cronin, Saint Anselm College.

Keynote Address: Hilary Schor, University of Southern California.