"Tennyson 2000: Rethinking and Reappraisal"

October 2-3, College of Charleston, South Carolina

Session I

  • "Disfiguring Consolation: The Dramatic Form of Tennyson's Elegies." Michael T. Williamson, Rutgers University.
  • "'O Damned Vacillating State': The Victorian Psychoanalytic Allegory in *The Palace of Art*" Trevor McNeely, Brandon University.
  • "Justice Recalled: Old Ghosts, New Voices." Bonnie T. Yarbrough, Skidmore College.
  • "The Garden and the Empire: Family Drama and Global Politics in Tennyson's Poetry." Mary Ellis Gibson, UNC-Greensboro.

    Session II

  • "Mr. Hallam and Mr. Hyde: In Memoriam and Masculine Desire." Martin Danahay, Emory University.
  • "Teaching Tennyson's In Memoriam: Getting over 'Get over it Tennyson.'" Nicola Thompson, Carleton College.
  • "Re-examining Dreams in In Memoriam. Jonathan Glance, Mercer University.

    Session III

  • "Possessing Tennyson's 'living soul' in the late Twentieth Century." Mary Saunders, Hampden-Sydney College.
  • "Enoch Arden and the Sensational 60s." J. Gerard Dollar, Siena College.
  • "Tropical Fantasies, Victorian Manhood: Tennyson and Kingsley Among the Lotos-Eaters." James Eli Adams, Indiana University.
  • "Contesting the 'Master" Works: Tennyson's and Walcott's Appropriations of Homer." Linda K. Hughes, Texas Christian University.


    "Columbus in Chains: Tennyson and the Conquests of the Monologue." Herbert F. Tucker, Jr., University of Virginia.