Virginia Commonwealth University
New Academic Building, Room 1160
Friday, October 20

The Browning Centennial
Registration, New Academic Building Lobby

4:00-5:20 p.m.
Panel: Elizabeth Barrett Browning: New Work from UNC-Chapel Hill

  • 1. Deborah Logan, "Woman's Mission to Women in Browning's Aurora Leigh: Marian Erle as the True Daughter of Her Age"
  • 2. Michael Strong, "Turning Milton's Muse into the Angel of Cultural Criticism: Elizabeth Barrett Browning's 'A Curse for a Nation'"
  • 3. Paul Crumbley, "Barrett Browning's 'Confessions'"
  • Response: Margaret M. Morlier, University of Richmond

    7:00-8:30 p.m.
    Panel: New Approaches to Robert Browning

  • 1. Bruce Glassco, University of Virginia, "Browning's Audiences and His Speaker's Masks"
  • 2. Cornelia Pearsall, Yale University, "The Bishop's Bodies"
  • 3. Judy Cornett, University of Virginia, "Art and Soul: Correcting the Copy in 'Andrea del Sarto'"
  • Response: Warwick Slinn, Massey University (New Zealand) 8:45
    Performance: Gregory Allen Baber, "Artists and Lovers"

    The 1989 Victorians Institute is made possible through the generous support of the College of Humanities & Sciences and the Department of English, Virginia Commonwealth University. Additional thanks to Rosemary Jann, Lawrence Laban, James Kinney, and Merrill Ripley.

    Saturday, October 21

    Victorian Mixed Media

    8:45- 10:15
    Welcome: James Kinney, Chairman, Dept. of English, VCU

  • 1. Monika Brown, Pembroke State University, "Dutch Painter, Photographer, or Pre-Raphælite? Mixed Media in Victorian Criticism of the Novel"
  • 2. Judith Fisher, Trinity University, "Thackeray's Mirror: The Narrative Function of Book Illustration"
  • 3. Deborah Morse, College of William and Mary, "Trollope's Illustrations and the 'Woman Question'"


  • 1. Henriette Power, Harvard University,"The Pantomime Co-opted in The Old Curiosity Shop"
  • 2. Rebecca Pope, Georgetown University, "The Diva Doesn't Die: George Eliot's Armgart"
  • 3. Joseph Nicholes, Indiana University, "Dorothea in the Moated Grange: Millais's Mariana and the Middlemarch Window-Scenes"

    12:00- 1:30
    Luncheon - Faculty Dining Room, Hibbs Building, #218

    Business Meeting - Hibbs Building, #328


  • 1. Katherine S. Van Eerde, Muhlenburg College, "Punch Without Judy; or An Index Variorum of Victorian Life"
  • 2. Janet Headley, Loyola College in Maryland, "The (Non) Literary Sculpture of Hiram Powers"
  • 3. Richard Schindler, Brown University, "Joseph Noel Paton's Fairy Paintings of the 1840s: Fantasy Art as Victorian Narrative"
  • 4. Martin Danahay, Emory University, "Pictorial Images of Political Gloom: Ruskin, Turner and the Failure of Representation"

    George Landow, Brown University, "Blending the Codes: Victorian Mixed Media."